30 November 2010

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Z-A-interaction unexpectadly arrives to Porto, hosted by architecture students and tutors from the Londonmet. A group of local connoisseurs will address the reciprocal relationship between British and local culture. A series of short presentations will show fragments of what make Porto a traditional contemporary city. Or should we say a contemporary traditional city?

Speakers include Mr Rui Moreira:
Ola Paulo
sim a H. falou comigo, pode contar com a minha presença. Falarei em ingles e cerca de 10 minutos, sobre o FC Porto.
de forma informal, como sugere.

13 November 2010

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Gracias Eike, Iván, Mirko y Nico.

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A group of friends living in Barcelona, Berlin and London, met in Copenhagen aiming to see the “the little mermaid”, the symbol of the city. But they didn’t. She was on her way home, after sitting in the Danish Pavillion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, since April. They missed her for a couple of weeks. The group missed Ai Wei Wei’s replacement video installation, too, a direct transmission of the mermaid from the Danish Pavillion, dismantled a few days before the trip. To make things worse, one of the members lost his passport and another got ill. This could have become an epic failure, if the arrival night wasn’t coincidental with the launch of a Christmas beer, free in Christiania and across the city, from 20h59m.

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by Nicolás Perfumo

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Long list... as long as the way from London to Tchavola. At the institutional level, I thank LMU, DW and ACC. At the personal level: obrigado C., C., F. e P.P. pela companhia e parabéns pela coragem. Estamos juntos.

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Lubango is the capital of Huíla, a Southern province of Angola. In March 2010, the local government started a mega house demolition process, that has pushed over 5,000 families to non-urbanized territories outside the city, in just about 6 months.

In August 2010, a resident’s commission requested material support for house construction, but instead the authorities imposed a scheme for which each family has to pay 2.400 Kz (approximately US$25). Unhappy for not being consulted during the design process, the residents took the initiative to adapt the scheme to their basic needs.

We met under a baobab, in Tchavola, and started a participatory design workshop. On the second day, however, our activity was interrupted by the police. We were taken to the local station to explain the nature of our activity. The meeting had to be suspended.

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