13 November 2010

R-location : text

Lubango is the capital of Huíla, a Southern province of Angola. In March 2010, the local government started a mega house demolition process, that has pushed over 5,000 families to non-urbanized territories outside the city, in just about 6 months.

In August 2010, a resident’s commission requested material support for house construction, but instead the authorities imposed a scheme for which each family has to pay 2.400 Kz (approximately US$25). Unhappy for not being consulted during the design process, the residents took the initiative to adapt the scheme to their basic needs.

We met under a baobab, in Tchavola, and started a participatory design workshop. On the second day, however, our activity was interrupted by the police. We were taken to the local station to explain the nature of our activity. The meeting had to be suspended.