24 May 2008

W files - news

La agenda para la jornada del Sábado 14 de junio 2008 es la siguiente:
The schedule for Saturday 14th June 2008 is as follows:

14:00_Encuentro de todos los participantes en Studio Banana
14:00_Arrival of all participants to Studio Banana

14:30_Llegada de público y snacks
14:30_Arrival of public and snacks

15:00_Comienzo de la sesión de presentaciones, con una pausa en medio
15:00_Presentations start, with a short break in the middle

17:00_Fin de presentaciones, visita al barrio de Studio Banana
17:00_End of presentations and visit to the Studio Banana neighbourhood

18:00_Proyección del partido Suecia-España en Studio Banana
18:00_Projection of the football game Sweden-Spain in Studio Banana

Esta es la lista de participantes confirmados:
This is the list of confirmed participants:

Anne Bürger directora de cine / film director - Berlin
Anna Partenheimer arquitecta / architect - Berlin
Benedikt Partenheimer fotografo / photographer - Berlin
Husos arquitectura / architecture - Madrid
La Despensa publicidad creativa / guerilla marketing - Madrid
mmmm... diseño grafico / graphic design - Madrid
Tavo art direction / motion design - Madrid
Zoohaus (en el imagen de arriba / in the picture above) - Madrid

Para saber cómo llegar a Studio Banana:
Find out how to arrive in Studio Banana under:

warm regards,
Paulo Moreira / Key Portilla-Kawamura / Ali Ganjavian

06 May 2008

X spot - summary

X spot - thanks

I thank Thomas for all the effort given to the event... Together with Mei, you were a great host during those 5 days in London... and Mei, thanks for the nice photos displayed in the blog:)
I thank Pauline and Deborah for the sympathy and the easy-goingness: The George Tavern was definitely the right spot for hosting the X!
I feel immensely greatfull to all the people that got so deeply involved with trying to find 'the missing cable' (we were told just one hour before the event start that there were no connection from the laptop to the projector... as you can imagine, the alarm rang in all directions, and the real 'interaction' started... Commited with the 'Save The George Tavern' campaign, we lauched another one: 'Save The X Spot'! We started contacting nearly everyone we could in order to find a cable, as the shops were closed for some time already... thank you so much Alex, Anna, Dulcineia, Mei, Nick, Rute, and all the others who helped... I can't even mention all the names! Without you the event wouldn't have been the same!). At the end, everything was solved and actually it was a warm evening in London so the late start was not that bad after all :P
Thank you to all the speakers for the passion given to the presentations and for those who couldn't present... I hope we can meet in future 'interactions'.

05 May 2008

X spot - text

The X.Spot took place on Friday 2nd of May 2008 at The George Tavern in East London. The event had about 80 people attending.
Due to technical problems there was a serious delay but it was solved with the help from friends of friends of friends… It was already late when a mixture between the East London pub space, the projected images and the ideas created a unique atmosphere. The people were listening and watching, probably also smelling the old curtains, timber beams and wallpapers.
Paulo Moreira explained a bit about the notion of organizing events for creative people in different cities. Interesting drawings showed: Portuguese architect Pedro Bandeira adding that he could not really explain them but he enjoyed it. Brazilian architect Ricardo de Ostos from NaJa & de Ostos showed his work with astonishing drawings and the book he has published recently. Emanuel Sousa spoke about the meaning of X and gave a glimpse of his ample architecture projects. London based architect Adam Khan impressed with a composition of atmospheric architectural moments combined with music. After that designer Paula Amaral introduced her idea of mapping home of her new book “Private Landscape – a domestic survey” (Publicações Dulcineia #2, 2008).
After a small break the event continued with architect Nicholas Lobo Brennan who showed his film “The bird of Merit”. The mexican industrial designer Agustin Otegui who had just arrive from North Carolina explained an alternative idea of getting wind energy. The last speaker was Alex Bank, who is an architect and chef, and he made his point about food and architecture.
The diversity of the participants’ work and the openness of the public made the X.Spot in London an enjoyable and enriching event.
Thank you all!

Thomas Gantner

X spot - video

04 May 2008

X spot - photos