05 May 2008

X spot - text

The X.Spot took place on Friday 2nd of May 2008 at The George Tavern in East London. The event had about 80 people attending.
Due to technical problems there was a serious delay but it was solved with the help from friends of friends of friends… It was already late when a mixture between the East London pub space, the projected images and the ideas created a unique atmosphere. The people were listening and watching, probably also smelling the old curtains, timber beams and wallpapers.
Paulo Moreira explained a bit about the notion of organizing events for creative people in different cities. Interesting drawings showed: Portuguese architect Pedro Bandeira adding that he could not really explain them but he enjoyed it. Brazilian architect Ricardo de Ostos from NaJa & de Ostos showed his work with astonishing drawings and the book he has published recently. Emanuel Sousa spoke about the meaning of X and gave a glimpse of his ample architecture projects. London based architect Adam Khan impressed with a composition of atmospheric architectural moments combined with music. After that designer Paula Amaral introduced her idea of mapping home of her new book “Private Landscape – a domestic survey” (Publicações Dulcineia #2, 2008).
After a small break the event continued with architect Nicholas Lobo Brennan who showed his film “The bird of Merit”. The mexican industrial designer Agustin Otegui who had just arrive from North Carolina explained an alternative idea of getting wind energy. The last speaker was Alex Bank, who is an architect and chef, and he made his point about food and architecture.
The diversity of the participants’ work and the openness of the public made the X.Spot in London an enjoyable and enriching event.
Thank you all!

Thomas Gantner