06 May 2008

X spot - thanks

I thank Thomas for all the effort given to the event... Together with Mei, you were a great host during those 5 days in London... and Mei, thanks for the nice photos displayed in the blog:)
I thank Pauline and Deborah for the sympathy and the easy-goingness: The George Tavern was definitely the right spot for hosting the X!
I feel immensely greatfull to all the people that got so deeply involved with trying to find 'the missing cable' (we were told just one hour before the event start that there were no connection from the laptop to the projector... as you can imagine, the alarm rang in all directions, and the real 'interaction' started... Commited with the 'Save The George Tavern' campaign, we lauched another one: 'Save The X Spot'! We started contacting nearly everyone we could in order to find a cable, as the shops were closed for some time already... thank you so much Alex, Anna, Dulcineia, Mei, Nick, Rute, and all the others who helped... I can't even mention all the names! Without you the event wouldn't have been the same!). At the end, everything was solved and actually it was a warm evening in London so the late start was not that bad after all :P
Thank you to all the speakers for the passion given to the presentations and for those who couldn't present... I hope we can meet in future 'interactions'.