14 July 2009

S-port : news

We are pleased to announce the 8th 'interaction', taking place in Basel, Switzerland, on Saturday the 3rd of October 2009, from 19h to midnight.
The event is being co-organized by local hosts Salome Rätz and Tobias Jäggli. The venue is Carambolage in Kleinbasel - bar, kunst&kultur, spielen&lesen, trinken&geniessen. Please check this link for directions.
The S-port will be simultaneously the closing party of Swissport 2009, whom we are delighted to collaborate with. As a matter of fact, we took advantage of the coincidence of this being the 'S' event, to name it 'S-port'. The concept, results, stories and gossip of the intense weeks of conviviality between Portuguese and Swiss architects will be presented during this meeting, with the usual casual atmosphere. Please feel free to join and bring your friends.